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"Les Follies Fatale" at The Ziegfeld Club- February 9th, 2014

I am very excited to present excerpts from The Femme Fatale Show at The Ziegfeld Club.

The Ziegfeld club was established in 1936 by Florenz Ziegfeld's wife, Billy Burke, and is commited to preserving the traditions of Ziegfeld's shows, and assisting women in the theater (continuing to glorify the American Girl).

This special presentation of songs from The Femme Fatale Show, titled "Les Follies Fatale" is directed by Kathleen Conry, and will include a cast of gorgeous Broadway talents- Elizabeth Ward Land (Passion, Scarlet Pimpernel), Natalie Charle Ellis (Les Miserables), Kathy Calahan (Mary Poppins) and Chelsea Myers. I am thrilled to work with such great talented ladies and in such a wonderful organization, on the first public performance of "Femme Fatale" material in New York. exciting....

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