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These Days. These Times.

“These Days. These Times.” is a political cabaret created by Ido Setter, with music by Nadav Wiesel.

The show confronts audiences with a dense world of patchwork scenes, jolly cabaret songs, and quick encounters between characters: A soldier sent to hand-out rice rations in a torn-down city, a son returning home from the battle-field, a mother confrinting her soldier son.

Reality seems less and less tangible with every scene.
The soldier with the bag of rice encounters a survivor in the ruins, and insists on feeding her and convincing her in the rightfulness of the world. The home-coming soldier discovers that he cannot remove hit military kitbag, the mother fears that her son’s kitbag contains great horrors.

Through the ever-changing cast of characters, the live music and the extreme situations portrayed, a nightmarish reality emerges- one that is not too far from the one we inhabit in these days, and this time.

“These Days. These Times.” premiered in Act2 Festival, and went on to perform in Haifa and Tel-Aviv.

Directed by: Ido Setter
Book and Lyrics: Ido Setter
Music: Nadav Wiesel
Cast: Rina Kwartin and Nir Shauloff
Assistant Director: Adi Chawin

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