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"The House by the Lake" embarks on a tour across France

"The House by the Lake"/ "La Maison pres du Lac", A Musical Cabaret for Actresses and objects, will be performing on an extended tour across France.

The tour will visit LYON, THONO LE BAIN, and after the show will play in and around PARIS for 2 weeks!

Here is the schedule with all the performance details.

The House by the Lake/ La Maison près du lac tournée 2014:

Théâtre Nouvelle Génération, CDN de Lyon - 15 nov at 20h - 16 nov at 16h

Maison des arts, Thonon ( Lake Geneva) - 18 nov at 14h and 20h - 19 nov at 20h Maison des arts, Thonon

Théâtre des Bergeries, Noisy le Sec (Paris Region) - 25 nov at 20h30

Espace Germinal, Fosse (Paris Region) - 28 nov at 21h

Théâtre Romain Roland, Villejuif (Paris) - 5 dec at 20h30 - 6 dec at 15h and 19h

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