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VIDEO: Donna McKechnie sings "Always Count on the Girls" @ Ziegfeld Award

When I wrote "Always Count on the girls" an anthem of friendship and cammaderie among women in the theater, hovering in the back of my mind was Donna McKechnie. The Tony Award Winning actress, singer and dancer is everyone's idea of a broadway star and an iconic veteran of the stage.

"Always Count on the Girls", which I wrote in honor of The Ziegfeld Club, is a song about a mature Ziegfeld chorus girl looking back at her glamorous youth and lasting friendships from her days at the Follies. There couldn't be a more perfect match of song and performer than the star of the original A CHORUS LINE.

In 1971, following her critical acclaim for Stephen Sondheim's COMPANY, Donna received the title of Honorary Miss ZIegfledfrom The Ziegfeld Club, then run by Veteran Ziegfeld girls. So her coming back to the Club was that rare thing - a perfect circle in the history of life and art.

Donna felt so too. I couldn't be more elated when she listened to the song and loved it. She very quickly and excitedly wanted to take part in the Ziegfeld Club Gala, for the inaugural Billie Burke Ziegfled Award, which took place at the New Amsterdam theater- Historical home of the Ziegfeld Follies.

The Billie Burke Ziegfeld Award continues The Ziegfeld Club's mission of assisting and promoting women in the Theater. The award went to wonderful composer and lyricist Masi Asare. Donna Mckechnie performed my song with her staple elegance and finesse- and as she sang the song and looked at the beautiful arched art deco ceiling of the New Amsterdam, I felt a new chapter was being written in the history of the Ziegfeld Follies.

More information of the Billie Burke Ziegfeld Award 2015


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