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VIDEO: Jen Eden in Concert - "You'll Be Here Beside Me"

My song "You'll be here beside me" has been a quiet favorite of mine for some time. I wrote it for a show called Grand Magic, which I abandoned. But the songs kept nudging me that it wanted

to leave the drawer and see the world.

Extracting a song from its very specific original context was an interesting challenge. It meant that I had to find the song a new context which doesn't rely on previous knowledge of character or situation, yet was specific enough to make sense and serve a performer.

Once I realized the new "story" I was able to go ahead and rewrite the song.

It quickly became a favorite of my friend and brilliant actor-singer-multi-instrumentalist Jen Eden.

Jen recently debut the song in her succesful cabaret 'Oboe You Didn't' in a new arrangement with Oboe and Violin, featuring Sarah Hawkey. I was so happy the song gets to live and breathe outside of my drawer and its original context. And so was the song.


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